Thursday, March 29, 2012

Titles are for Squares!

Sorry, I know this was later than I promised, the week has just gotten away from me. Everything has been going pretty well here on the west side, busy as always but that's okay.

Wyatt is doing AMAZING! He is just the happiest little (well kind of little) boy on the planet. The girls at Daycare just love him. One of the teachers from the Wobbler Room said to me this morning she can't want for him to get moved there. He has to be walking before he will be switched and we hopefully have a long time before that happens! We did get notification this week that his primary teacher is going back to school so she is only working part-time which is a huge bummer. I love Rachel and I am sure I will get used to Ms. Kasey but there was a comfort level with Ms. Rachel. I had to sign my first "Ouchie Gram" today. They are trying to have Wyatt wear a hat instead of mittens so that he can still use his fingers to grab toys and play. Well instead of scratching the top of his head, he decided his cheek would be a better idea. We aren't sure what we are going to do on the mitten front, he just likes to scratch. Unfortunately mittens only come in a newborn size and well Giant Wyatt's hands don't fit in them anymore.

Wyatt has physical therapy once a week until the middle of May. He does great when we take him and you can see the difference. He holds his head up very well while he is on his belly and his goal for the month was to hold toys in front of him while keeping it straight. Ms. Katie (physical therapist) said yesterday that she was happy with his progress so far. On April 4th, we go to get a scan to determine if he needs a helmet. I am really hoping he doesn't need it becuase he would have to wear it 23 hours a day but if he does need it then we will get through it. Knowing Wyatt he won't even care at all.

Wyatt has rolled for Ryan and I both ways, Belly to Back and Back to Belly. We have seen him roll from belly once but the girls at daycare ensure me he does it all the time. We aren't sure if he is just too tired once he gets home or if he is just being a little fart.

I am pretty sure that is all on Wyatt, now on to our weekend project! Ryan and I ripped out our deck in the backyard last Saturday! That was quite the project but I love the cement patio. There is one crack in it and Ryan thinks we should get it resurfaced so we will be calling to get a quote on that in the next couple of weeks.

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